Equipment, machines, and levers  altogether represent the most important building tools that help in achieving an economical growing.
There is a noticeable rapid development in building constructing. It forms a vital sector among Turkish economy sectors, that keeps flourishing during time.
The money paid for this sector is increasing in a rate of 4%, which equals, theoretically speaking,  72.9 trillion ton of the global scale in 2015, This number equals 313 T.L billion.
The Turkish building sector is one of the most economical sectors that offers job opportunities for workers and at the same time ,gives other sectors a hand for being active.
The success of this sector is not limited to the local level, on the contrary, it spreads over the raging and international ones.
Some companies has become cooperative public companies offering plenty of opportunities for foreign investors from all over the world to share investing with the Turkish construction company which is active in more than 90 countries.