The iron represents an important element for building, constructing, and transforming industry, so that Turkey has been interested a big deal in manufacturing iron . Turkey occupies the 10th position in manufacturing iron solids among countries since it’s annual producing amount is 35.5 million tons; more than 11.5 million tons of the amount is exported, while the remaining part used in main building industries.
Knowing that Turkish iron quality is one of the best around the world, trading and manufacturing iron solids is considered one of the most known fields in Turkey that witnesses a developing situation in its infrastructure which depends a lot on iron solids.
Turkey ‘s perfect producing of iron makes us consider it as a trading priority, besides to the fact that the increasing demands and needs for Turkish iron that makes it a gate to the profitable trading throughout the world.
We provide our customers with the most qualified types of Turkish iron, and we export it for satisfying costs.


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