“Hadcons” is a Turkish company that aims to achieve a high level of professional working according to worldwide standards. It works in investing real estates, constructions, importing and exporting equipments and materials needed for both building and constructing, and finally in trading furniture.

Our company has been established in Turkey, licensed by Ministry of Commerce in Turkey that is specialized in such affairs, and our company takes care of introducing products and services for our costumers in most proper costs and highest quality levels also within a typical period of time that satisfies the consumer.

Honesty_ trustworthy_ high quality_ accuracy and speed are values applied by our company since we are doing our best to introduce services and products in high quality, proper costs and maximum speed within honesty, trustworthy and accuracy values.

Knowing our consumers needs and demands, and trying hard to meet them, is our priority and is laying deep in the company’s massage. For that reason, offering products and services to our clients and consumers in a way that satisfies and please them, will in return satisfy us.

Our company works in three sectors, they are:

1) Construction and Real Estate: during the few past years, Turkey has witnessed a qualitative leap in real estates and buildings sector, the thing that made Turkey such an attractive destination in this field.

Our job is to buy landscapes and real estates to sell them to our consumers in the most proper costs that satisfy them, our job is also about building and constructing according to the most elegant engineering plans and the best worldwide characteristics .We contribute to investments that are included in this field.

2) Importing and Exporting: we buy, sell and export equipments and materials needed for building, constructing, and furnishing. We work on providing and delivering the needed products to wherever our consumer want, our motto is: (( Dear consumers: put your hopes into our hands and we will make them come true)).

3) Furniture and Home Accessories: living in a comfortable home is one of happiness inquires, and what makes that come true is providing luxurious furniture and unique home stuff .Our company provides our consumer’s hopes by offering the most qualitative furniture for both apartments and offices with proper prices, high quality and delivered wherever they want.